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Directions to Little Dove
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Directions to
Little Dove Farm

(don't use mapquest)


From The South

  • North on Rte 1 to Rte 220
  • Left onto Rte 220
  • Continue on 220 across Rte 17 and into Washington Village
  • Continue on 220 (you will also be traveling on Rte 105 now) through Washington Village until Rte 105 breaks off to the right towards Appleton. Go 1.75 miles to Mitchell Hill Rd and take a Right. Go to the end of the road and park at the BIG MAPLE.
  • From the Maine Turnpike take the Portland Exit to 295 North.
  • Take 295N to Exit 49 Gardiner
  • Turn right onto Rte 201.
  • Continue on 201 through Gardiner - and across the Kennebec River.
  • Take right after immediately after bridge and then 1st left onto route 226 (there is a car repair shop on far left corner)
  • Continue on 226 to Rte 17 and take a right onto 17.
  • Take 17 to Rte 220.
  • Left onto 220 and follow directions above.

From The North

  • Take Rte 3 out of Belfast to Rte 131. Take left onto 131 continue through Appleton Village and to 105. Take a right onto 105. Go 4.8 miles to Mitchell Hill Road and take a left onto Mitchell Hill Rd.
  • 105 can also be approached taking Rte 220 south from the Liberty St. George area and take a left onto 105 and follow directions at the top.
  • Please make note that Mitchell Hill Road is not a through road. If you use Mapquest it will put you on the other end of Mitchell Hill Road in Washington.

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