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CH BISS Witch Hollow's Gaea D' or HT, CD, GCG at Age 14 -- Feb. 8, 1992-Sept. 6, 2008

Herding Champion (HC) Tchi Chimeric Golden Ratio CD TD HSAsd HIAsd HSBd HIBd HXAds HXAdM STDsdc OTDsd ATDsd.


Little Dove Farm

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Herding is the most challenging sport you could choose to do with your herding dog. It is also the most rewarding.

Individual lessons may be scheduled during the week and available weekends as soon as we are through mud season. Call me at 207-845-2888 or send an email to schedule your lessons for for more information. Unless otherwise noted all clinics are taught by me.

I does not matter if you are interested in competition, farmwork, or obedience, our goal is to enhance your relationship with your canine best friend - work hard and most of all have a great time- . We work with all herding breeds and some non-herding breeds such as Border Terriers, Poodles, and Leonberger.

We have a variety of appropirate sheep and ducks to work for all levels of ability. We have a number of training area sizes from 30 x 30 to regulation AKC trial courses in a 140 x 250 foot area. Stock is also availabe to rent to experienced handlers.

If your are interested in putting together a small group of friends or a breed club with 5 or more dogs who are interested in scheduling a ‘herding or tracking day at the farm’ contact me and we can fix dates. Please note that bookings are sometimes months in advance.

The facility is available to rent for events or for personal stock dog training.



  • Herding at Little Dove Farm in the barn.


  • Herding at Little Dove Farm in the barn.

Classic 'n Coda's Take Five, CD, TDX, HSAs, HXAd, ASCA STDsdc, OTDd at Age 11 working our sheep and lambs at LDF 2006.

April - November

Depending on the weather we will be herding in the barn or up in the fields. Please contact me by email for exact times and days. I will be here most weekdays and any weekend I am not at an event or a continuing education clinic.

Clinic Schedules

Special Event: Tenley Dexter will be coming to Maine in August 11, 12, 13th. Tenley is an exceptional teacher and a nationally reknowned trainer. Her Aussie's have won the top honors in every herding venue. At this time working spots are booked but I highly recommend auditing if you are interested in seeing what herding is all about.




AKC CH UCD Bonheur Appalachian Coda Kaos, HS, TD, CDX, STDsd at age 14 -- May 5, 1993 - Sept. 6, 2008

CH HiAyre's Wild About Ewe, HSAsd, HIAd, HXAs, STDsdc, OTDsdc, HXAd. ATDd, HTADI, Age 12

Suzanne has been training dogs since 1992 when she got her first dog, a Belgian Groenendaal.  Since then she has trained her Belgian Shepherds to advanced levels in herding, tracking, and obedience and titled her dogs in AKC and ASCA venues.  She has also been an AKC Tracking Judge since 1999.     A significant influence in her herding training was the great teacher Bob Vest with whom she worked with for 12 years until his death.  There is always something to learn when it comes to training dogs whatever venue.  Suzanne continues her own herding training with Tenley Dexter.  ‘The journey is never over’.